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Meet our Chef

Staying at Cosmos Cuisine and sampling the gourmet delights of Elzona's kitchen you won't want to leave. From morning to night everything that passes your lips will be homemade and utterly gratifying.

Elzona looks at things with vision.

To best describe her... she walks where Angels fear to tread. Elzona takes a unique stand. Her culinary road started 40 years ago as owner of many home industries and a catering company.

Much of her excess energy is devoted to education. She is constantly empowering local people from the community by training them in the hospitality industry and measures her success rate by the words “did I make them fall in love with food?”

With no formal Culinary or Chefs training, simply driven by a passion and natural feel for food she was awarded a visit to the Château de Saran in Epernay, France -  a once in a lifetime invitation, as an accolade for being voted one of the Top 30 restaurants voted by BOE en Moët & Chandon.

It is absolutely evident that this “small town lady” brings world class standards into everything she envisions and creates. For her guests she loves creating South African food with flair and is actively involved in the Kitchen, her aim to freshly prepare ALL delicacies (breads, rusks, preserves etc) in our kitchen. She also keeps a watchful eye on the gardens and the detail in the rooms.

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